Here follows a list of external links to the suggested programs you may use with Builder's Heaven. All Credits go to their authors and to the community that supports them. In any case Builder's Heaven is related or responsible of the damage that may occurs using these software.

What follows is a list of programs that you may find very interesting to enhance your programming suite. I suggest them all without a specific rank order, because I consider them very well done an useful. So let's start!


Suggested External Programs

PortableApps Builder's Heaven

  • BH USB PortableApps is a revolutionary way to take on USB your Portable Programs. To use Builder's Heaven inside PortableApp just copy the Builder's Heaven Directory inside the "PortableApps" Directory and you will find it inside the Portable Apps Menu'. Then all you have to do is to put it into "preferred" Software of course...
  • NotePad++ Portable: This text editor is particulary interesting for Builder's Heaven because it can change the text colour selecting a corresponding language (i.e. C++, C#, HTML, COBOL, etc) even if you have different languages inside the same file (like CSS, HTML, and JAVASCRIPT for example). You can also build your colour settings for future programming languages. At last in this text editor allow you to cut and paste vertically (pressing ALT key) that is very useful during FLAGS editing inside M.P.S.C.. NotePad++ is open source and can be downloaded from the PortableApps interface.
  • WinMerge Portable : WinMerge is a program that you must have for Builder's Heaven, because allows you to compare two text file looking for row differences. If you make some upgrades between two versions of M.P.S.C. you should compare and fix them with this. WinMerge is open source and can be downloaded from the PortableApps interface.
  • Total Commander: This software is a very powerful suite for file management. About Builder's Heaven it is useful for the internal word and file search tool and the possibility to save Directory position. In this case you'll go to store for sure the "Archive" directory of Builder's Heaven, where every generated program finishes ready to be moved elsewhere. At last, Total Commander is shareware but Portable and can stay inside the PortableApps interface as Builder's Heaven does.
  • TextCrawler: TextCrawler is a good software for searching words inside a directory file. Use it in Builder's Heaven to scan Languages Setup Directories for occurrences of a particular word you are looking for.
  • LHN's CryptoText: This software integrates inside a specific function to edit M.P.S.C. in three steps. Check it out for basic M.P.S.C. editing. It's freeware and and can stay inside the PortableApps interface as Builder's Heaven does.

There are many programs to accomplish the suggested tasks in this page. Feel free to search some valid alternative for a specific function. Internet is today a great place. Builder's Heaven just enqueue to the scenario with this ambitious task: The main purpose of Builder's Heaven is to reduce to a few seconds tomorrow what you do today in 10 days!

Best regards from Builder's Heaven coder