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Builder's Heaven - Codes Everything You Code!

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Are you a creative programmer or just a casual developer?

If yes, then you're in the right place!!!

But.. What are we speaking about?

"Builder's Heaven - Codes Everything You Code!" is a software designed to help you into the difficult task of creating source code, in an infinite type of languages.
Thanks to a simple and easy to use interface you will be able in a couple of minutes to create a source program as you wish, defining a Base Matrix and merging the final source with Custom Codes, iterable parts (Flags) and much more, to obtain a final hyper-customized complete and ready to use source code.
All the most frequent programming tasks will be standardized and accelerated inside the Software, and of course a lot of money, time and resources will be saved!

Builder's Heaven is strong in creation of languages like Cobol, Rexx, Easytrieve, Jquery, C#, asp.net web forms, C++, Stored Procedure, Sql functions, Html complete website and some implementation dare to creates also standard email templates!

What happens if I cannot find my preferred programming language?

Truly No Problem! Builder's Heaven is a parametric software and you can create and define the 100% of the code that will be generated. If a language is not downloadable here, you are free to implement it on your own, thanks to the Language definition panel. This means that Builder's Heaven will be useful right now as in the next future, when new languages will be invented from the World Community.

There is no limit to what Builder's Heaven did, does and will do! The key of all of this is its OPEN STRUCTURE and HIGH SCALABILITY. Just download (or create) the correct Language Setup, then you are in!

So what are you waiting for? Take a look to the features start coding with Builder's Heaven!

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Builder's Heaven Screenshots Wall

Builder's Heaven BaseParameterSelection
Builder's Heaven customcode
Builder's Heaven GenerateProgram
Builder's Heaven Main Pseudo Source Code (MPSC) schema
Builder's Heaven MainOptions
Builder's Heaven Flags13
Builder's Heaven MainOptions
Builder's Heaven Result_COBOL

Why should I use Builder's Heaven?

If you are a freelancer coder or if you work for a software company, it's very important to Standardize your programs and improve reusability of your code. The difficulty about Maintenance and developing tasks can be lowered, a new implementations, reports and database corrections require high precision and quickness... These are Builder's Heaven implicit qualities. The choice is Your, to make the Difference.

R.M., Infusible Brain Soft.


Video Tutorial

Use the detailed and quick video tutorial to learn the basics!

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Builder's Heaven Features

  1. Builder's Heaven - Codes Everything You Code!
  2. Creates Source Code in a way you've never imagined before!
  3. Now it's Portable! Keep all your Code in your hands inside Usb Pen or Memory Card!
  4. Edit Everything: Customize every option and Enjoy the 100% opened structure following your coding style!
  5. Move between a quick and easy-to-use intuitive interface!
  6. Implement your own languages, even those that will come in the Future!
  7. Appreciate the Extremely High Speed generating process for your Source Codes
  8. Use Builder's Heaven in your Office and define a new Standard or just exchange solutions with your colleagues
  9. Get working code deriving column definitions from DCLGens (for mainframes) or SQL Create Tables (for web development)
  10. Update your day-by-day Programming Advancements inside CUSTOM CODES. Don't loose any more your best solutions
  11. Duplicate parts of Code with CUSTOM FLAGS and create lists of dynamic patterns
  12. Define specific Dictionaries of KEYS TO VALUE and get different results from the same template
  13. Define the Absolute Main-Pseudo-Source-Code ever created, or just a quick throwaway Template
  14. Drag and Drop a first impression Logic of your program using the SEQUENCER module
  15. Use the integrated FTP shell for I/O files processes (ref: where implemented)
  16. Save your time, your brain and last but not least, your money!
  17. Learn how to use Builder's Heaven from TUTORIALS, OFFLINE HELP or YOUTUBE WEBCAST!
  18. Handle recursive programs generation with the COMMAND LINE batch execution!
  19. Look at the Futuristic Graphic and Special Effects all around panels and ...
  20. ...start the revolution! Builder's Heaven - Codes Everything You Code!!

Builder's Heaven - Creating Job Searching Emails in less than 7 minutes!

In this video tutorial we show how to create email if you are looking for job or asking to companies about an interview. We got funny configuring Builder's Heaven code generator in order to proficiently use an maintain contacts of companies and integrate high level emails templates created by specialist of the sector.

Software Version: 3.15