Software License Agreement

You must read carefully every lines below BEFORE you use the software. If you are not totally agree with the written rules , you must DELETE immediately the software from your system.

BH Registered


  • You have the possibility to test the program for a period of two months from the install day. You have the permission to copy the "official installer" of the shareware version ( and ONLY the Shareware version ) and to give it to another person without changing by any way the containing of the package. "To change" means every alteration, addition, remove of any file of the package without the written permission of the author. To contact the author refer to the Builder's Heaven Contact Page.
  • The use of this Software behind the trial period of TWO (2) months violates the international laws of Copyright and offend the engagement and the thousands hours that the author spent in the development and test of the Software. If you want proceed to use the Software, please REGISTER the product on the Builder's Heaven Homepage.

BH Registered


  • Thank You for Purchasing "Builder's Heaven - Codes Everything You Code!" !!!
  • The program is protected by the laws of the Copyright and the intellectual property.
  • The Software can be used only after the customer acceptance of all the conditions established in this document.


  • The Sofware can be used only during the license period bought. In case of "infinite license" the Software can always be used. At the end of the license period you will be able to buy a new license or to uninstall/delete the Software. Transgressors will be pursued according to the law.


  • The object of the current contract is the Software: "Builder's Heaven - Codes Everything You Code!", and its exclusive use upon the customers computers.
  • "Registration Key" means the file that register the product and activate advanced features.
  • "Single License" means ONE of the "License Quantity" included into a single "Registration Key".


  • The Customer has the right to do copies of the Software exclusively for private use and not for trade, on condition that such copies are effectively necessary to the use of the Software. These copies can be only used in order to load or to install the Software in the memory of the disk in use.
  • It's fundamental to guard the Registration key to keep an emergency Backup when you lose the original. The author of the Software does not assume any responsibilities for the loss of the Registration key, and he does NOT care to send again the lost Registration key (anyway, as exceptional support the author can send again a copy of the Registration key; in such case the Registration Key will be exclusively sent to the associated Email of the purchase and a different Email address will not be considered). The Registration Key must be saved on supports or disks of customer property, in order to exclude others people that could thief/duplicate the Registration Key (remember that the Key also contains personal informations about the registered customer or company).
  • For companies the Registration key must be holded by the appropriate office and kept away from an indiscriminated duplication done by third parts (consultants, other companies, etc)


  • The Customer has the right to install/copy the Software on a single computer. It's not possible many contemporary executions of the Software on more computers using the same Single License. The use of Single License must be referred to one single physical person that also is the registered person of the product, or, in case of companies, the use must be restricted to a single company member, employee or director manager, of the company which purchased the Registration Key. External persons of the company must provide their own personal license.
  • Inside a company, a Single License must be assigned to a single physical person (employee or director of the company itself ) for a period of at least 1 month; after this period the company can reassign the Single License to another physical person (employee or director of the company itself)
  • The use of the Software on a network or analogous systems that concur the simultaneous use of the Software is NOT allowed using the same Single License.
  • If the Customer changes it's hardware, the Software must deleted from the hardware memory where it resides.
  • It is not allowed to save or to simultaneously use the Software on more than one computer with the same Registration key unless the License Quantity grants more than one License: in this case the number of computers where the Software can be installed/copied must not exceed the License Quantity of the Registration Key. Is in charge of the company to not exceed the License Quantity limits per installations.
  • It's not allowed different use of the Software like: chartering, rent, leasing, public execution (i.e. school or university), unauthorized duplication or other means of sale of the Software to the public (comprised Internet and the other online systems ) without an explicit concurrence of the author.
  • Transgressors will be pursued according to the law.


  • The copyright warnings, the series numbers and other characteristic elements of the Software cannot, in any way, being removed or modified.
  • It is not allowed to disassemble, to decompilate or to extract the source code of the Software using any kind of electronic or informatic tool.


  • The author has accurately tested the Software in order to prevent defects and virus. Anyway it's impossible to create a Software totally free from defects and virus; the Customer is held to adopt ALL THE NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS in order to avoid damages caused from virus or defects of the Software. In addition considers that the product flexibility increases the complexity of the code inside, with the grows of non-intentional errors from the author.
  • The User should use common softwares or any kind of system to protect himself from virus or Software defects.
  • The User must periodically save his own data in order to reduce the losses caused from defects or virus in the Software.
  • The User must know that FTP transfer take some risks about overwriting existing programs.


  • All names and trademarks are the property of theirs respective owners and the final customer does not have any transmitted right.


  • Until the maximum concurred from the enforced laws, there isn't any circumstance in which the author or the author suppliers will be responsible for the special, accidental, directed or indirect damages (included, without limitations, the damages for losses, lacked attainment profits, interruption of business activities, loss of information or other losses financial institutions) deriving from the use or the inability to use the Software in object, or from the supply, or inability to supply the service of technical support, also in the case in which the author has been informed of the eventuality of taking place of such damages.
  • You are suggested to test this product with no fundamental data. The author cannot guarantee the salvation of your data, above all testing the product upon the new operating systems. If you find some defects BEFORE the Registration, it means that you have accepted them also AFTER the Registration! Every Bug Report will be well accepted but the author cannot guarantee the right correction in any way. In order to send a Bug Report refer to the Builder's Heaven Contact Page.
  • Every other guarantee considered by the law remains as is. In particular, they remain invariant the law guarantees. The same one is worth for the responsibility in case of personal damages.