Help Online of
Builder's Heaven - Codes Everything You Code!

Help Version: 3.11 - 21/DEC/2016

Software Minimum Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows - about 100Mb of space.
  • Minimum Video Resolution : 1024x768
  • Installation of Microsoft Redistributable Visual C++ Libraries (more details: Builder's Heaven Download Page (Support section))
  • (Knowledge of every language you are coding)
  • (A complete development operative system to use and complete generated programs

General Description

Builder's Heaven is a program that cover the generation of Source Code using an Dynamic Interface to deliver directives. The remarkable flexibility of Builder's Heaven will let you obtain the code in a lot of languages, using a Matrix file called M.P.S.C. , that can be freely edited. Good M.P.S.C. highly reduce the development times and increase control over the source code generated.