Key To Value

Help Version: 3.11 - 21/DEC/2016

Key To Value Description

Key to Value

Builder's Heaven Key To Value feature is a user-friendly way to define Keys that becomes Values inside the final generated code.

Only checked rows will change your generated program.

The main purpose is to isolate data that change frequently or less frequently, create an unique key associated to it, and change it when necessary from the interface, instead of changing it from every occurrence inside the generated programs. This will save you a lot of time, precision of change and will increase the maintenance of your dynamic data.

It's useful to insert the Keys inside the M.P.S.C. and setup a collection of Key To Value to activates changes.

Here follows the list of every control:

Collection Area: list of selectable collections.

  • List Click: Select a Collection and enables Keys Area
  • List Double-Click: Create/Edit selected collection
  • Search Box: Filter the list looking for the search argument
  • Create/Edit Collection: Select a line from the Custom Codes list and press this button to create a new Key To Value or to edit a previous one. You can also Double Click the Line.
  • Refresh List: reload the entire list and provide update of titles and columns data.
  • Select/Deselect All: Enable or Disable all check boxes.
  • Rows: Increase or decrease the number of lines.
  • Delete Selected: This button remove from your drive the selected custom codes.

Keys Area: list of keys and values for selected collection

After you select a collection, you can start to insert and modify the contained Key To Value.

  • List Click: Select a Key To Value and set it into editing textboxes
  • Insert/Modify: Apply to collection the Key and Value inside the editing Textboxes
  • Delete: Remove from the Collection the Key inside editing Textboxes
  • Enable/Disables: Toggle a disable tag (specified below) to the Key inside editing Textboxes. This will disable or enable it.
  • Editing Texboxes: Assume the values of a selected Key and provide quick-editing interface

Key To Value Technical guide

BH Registered

To open a Collection click upon a row or select it and press the Edit Button.

desc_key2value=Help Online - URLs
// Comment...

desc_key2value specify the description for that collection in the previous interface.

// ... is Optional, and identify a line of comments. Let you organize a complex series of key to value rows

<key1>=valueA Finally we can specify a custom series of Key To Value. You can define all the key names that you want, but they must be unique. Moreover remember that start and end wildcards are very useful to not override other keys or parts of code that do not requires transformations. It's suggested to surround your keys with start/end wildcards always.

Here an example of how Keys are used inside M.P.S.C. of Html:

Example (HTML language): ....
H <html lang="<BH_HTML_LANG>" >
H <head>
H *  <!-- Metadata for machine parsing -->
H  <meta charset="<BH_META_CHARSET>" />
H  <meta name="generator" content="Builder's Heaven - MPSC v<VRS>" />
H  <meta name="author" content="<PAGE-AUTHOR>" />
H  <meta name="date" content="<CURR_DATE>" />
H </head>
H <body>
H  ...content...
H </body>
H </html>

In this case we use some system keys (i.e. <CURR_DATE>) and some custom keys (i.e. <BH_HTML_LANG>, <BH_META_CHARSET> names are invented) that in the final result will became the correspondent value.

As you can see it's easy as you see to implement Collection of Changes. Just define your own standard, keep collection clear, put good descriptions and, of course, check them when needed...

Remember to refer to Advanced User Guide for more details.

Key To Value inside Custom Codes

Builder's Heaven Key To Value has been created to live inside the M.P.S.C. .
Anyway if you enable the appropriate features, also the Custom Code can be processed with Enabled Key To Values conversion before insert code in the final program.
Refer to Custom Code Help for details