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Here you can find the Last Released Version of the Software and a lot of add-ons and plugins. Get some Predefined Language Setups and start coding now, check Support Download area, or just take a look to the other sections...

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Download Builder's Heaven

Download Builder's Heaven v3.83 (Shareware)

BH USB Builder's Heaven is Portable! No installation is required and after you have unzipped the package you can place it inside an USB-Pen and it will be ready to go! To "uninstall" just delete the program directory. Note: Software requires Microsoft C++ Libraries. If application fails to run, update your Windows(tm) using the Support Downloads below. Installing the software means that you are agree with all license terms (Read More...).


File Size: 25Mb English (self extracting exe package).

Software Version: 3.83 - Installer Version: 3.83

Compatible with all major Microsoft Windows Contains the shareware version of the Software plus a FREE version of all Languages below, the Help pages and Support Downloads.

 Installer Version: 3.83 
  • Builder's Heaven v3.83
  • Support Libraries
  • English Language Pack
  • Full Help offline
  • Languages Setup included
    1. BHBATCH (Free): Automatic BH batch execution creator
    2. BHTEMPLATE1 (Free): grab and manage a website inside the software
    3. C++2 (Free): Code a simple C++ class
    4. Cobol (Free): Code a simple Cobol program
    5. Easytrieve (Free): Code a simple Easytrieve program
    6. JQUERY191 (Free): Code a Javascript with JQuery object for html pages
    7. MyMail (Free): look for job with predefined emails
    8. Rexx (Free): Code a simple Rexx program
    9. STORED (Free): Create Sql Stored procedure and functions

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Support Downloads

Builder's Heaven requires Microsoft C++ DLL to correctly work. If you experience problems running the software install these packages.

Redistributable C++ Libraries

Redistributable Libraries 2012

Install this package if you haven't already the Microsoft Redistributable Libraries 2012 inside your Windows installation. This package solve execution failure of the Software due to DLL missing.

Also refer to Microsoft Page.

File Size: 6Mb

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