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    "Builder's Heaven - Codes Everything You Code!" is a powerful Multi Language Code Generator that creates Source Programs in all the Programming Languages you know. Try Now the New Shareware Version and start Programming Secure and Faster!

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    Code Web languages with Builder's Heaven. Build Html websites, JQuery classes, CSharp server code and more! Tip: the site you are looking now is built using Builder's Heaven for easy maintenance! ;)

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Welcome to the Homepage of
Builder's Heaven - Codes Everything You Code!

Builder's Heaven is a powerful Multi Language Code Generator.

Builder's Heaven is a Source Code Generator that use a Dynamic Interface to deliver directives. The remarkable flexibility of Builder's Heaven will let you obtain the code in a lot of languages, starting from a Matrix file called "M.P.S.C.". Good M.P.S.C. highly reduce the development times and increase control over the source code generated. Thanks to its features, with Builder's Heaven you will be able to generate Source Programs in ALL the programming languages you know, and ALL languages that will be created in the Future!

The high versatility of Builder's Heaven allow you to obtain a final source program as you coded until today, accelerating the most frequent accesses that programming requires...

So, what are you waiting for!?

Try Builder's Heaven Now, Enjoy Coding Forever!

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Read features and detailed description of Builder's Heaven!

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Video Tutorial

Use the detailed and quick video tutorial to learn the basics!

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Look for the last Release, Patch, or additional content to upgrade your current version or to install a new one!

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Builder's Heaven Screenshots Wall

Builder's Heaven BaseParameterSelection
Builder's Heaven customcode
Builder's Heaven GenerateProgram
Builder's Heaven Main Pseudo Source Code (MPSC) schema
Builder's Heaven MainOptions
Builder's Heaven Flags13
Builder's Heaven MainOptions
Builder's Heaven Result_COBOL

Generating a simple Create Table SQL Script

This simple video shows the creation of a Sql Server Script. The example shows a Create Table script with a Unique Index integration. The BH Flag function is used to specify the columns of the table, the size and the description; this is possible because the most sensitive data has been exposed to be directly inserted.

Software Version: 4.00



...finally I can use Builder's Heaven in every program I do!

Builder's Heaven is not just my best creation, is a way to think programming, organize code, hold knowledge during years, and represent the world that surround us using best technology in the right manner; it's a way to "Do Tomorrow in One second what you do Today in Ten days!"

Before Builder's Heaven my programming lines was unordered and caotics and I losed many "patters". One day I imagined a way to put everything in the right place, referring to a matrix that draw the basic lines of my programs, an so on... I also imagined to code a lot of languages, sometimes without knowing the language itself, but following the guidelines for my purposes...

With the Third release of Builder's Heaven, I think to have reached a lot of these objectives. And now that you know all this things, how do you think this Website has been build with? ;)

Just Try Builder's Heaven and Begin to Change the World.

R.M., Infusible Brain Soft.

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